Heather Boerner

Heather Boerner

Journalist and Author

Heather Boerner is an award-winning journalist who specializes in storytelling on healthcare issues. She's most interested in how people choose between equally important needs.

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There's a Drug That Prevents HIV—So Why Don't More Women ...

Interviewed as an expert on PrEP for women:

“Women are used to this,” Heather Boerner, author of the book, Positively Negative: Love, Pregnancy, and Science’s Surprising Victory Over HIV, told WomensHealthMag.com. “Our desire to have pleasurable sex is stigmatized to begin with, and our desire to take care of our own sexual health is stigmatized….in a lot of ways, women are already very well equipped to deal with the stigma surrounding PrEP because, unfortunately, we’ve already been doing it our whole lives. I mean, we already have to walk through protest lines at Planned Parenthood just get a pap smear.”