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Heather Boerner

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Heather Boerner is an award-winning journalist who specializes in storytelling on healthcare issues. She's most interested in how people choose between equally important needs.

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Harnessing Vaginal Microbiota to Protect Women From HIV: What We Know and Don't Know - TheBodyPRO.com

"I would love at some point in my career," Scott McClelland said, "to be able to say that we need to control asymptomatic BV."


'Stop Describing, Start Intervening': Can the CDC's New Viral Load Data Help Guide HIV Programs? - TheBodyPRO.com

"The main message here is that, overall, we saw improvements for the whole population, suggesting that the efforts to test [and] diagnose HIV infection sooner, start [antiretroviral] treatment earlier and help patients be retained in care and adherent to their treatment are working over time," Buchacz told TheBodyPRO.com. "I think that's good news."

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Confronting Implicit Bias to Transform Sexual Health and Medical Care

"There are so many studies labeled 'hard to reach' -- that's code for black and Latino MSM," Leo Moore, M.D., M.S.H.P.M., associate medical director at the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, told TheBodyPRO. "So, the question becomes, are they hard to reach because we don't have the right people at the table? Are they hard to reach because we haven't found a way to identify with them?"

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'We Have Work Before Us, People': HIV Nurses Meet, Mourn and Prepare to Fight in Wake of U.S. Election - TheBodyPRO.com

We know, del Rio reminded the audience during his plenary, how to provide prevention services and care for people living with HIV in climates of criminalization and stigma and with little funding. Just look, he said, to Africa.
Global health doesn't exclude the U.S., he said. We're part of it.
"We need to bring [those lessons] home," he said. "And we need to implement it here. Because increasingly we are becoming a developing country in many areas."


Mapping the Microbiome: Vaginal Bacteria and HIV Risk - TheBodyPRO.com

Mapping the Microbiome: Vaginal Bacteria and HIV Ri...


Consistent Use of Dapivirine Vaginal Ring Could Offer More Than 75% HIV Protection, New Data Suggests

Seventy-five percent: That's how much HIV protection women might be able to expect from a flexible, silicone ring loaded with the antiretroviral medicine dapivirine when they put it in their vaginas and leave it there.

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HOPE for the Vaginal Ring: Follow-Up Studies on New HIV-Prevention Method for Women Announced - TheBodyPRO.com

"Everyone is so anxious to take this next step, to see -- can we realize the promise we think we have [with the ring]? And can we build on this to do even better?" she said. "No one is happy with 27% [overall effectiveness rate]. And we think we can do better than 27%."

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Vaginal Ring Reduces HIV: Making Sense of the Initial Results - TheBodyPRO.com

"I've heard both of you express that the results are encouraging. I'm confused as to why."

Let me explain.