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Heather Boerner is an award-winning journalist who specializes in storytelling on healthcare issues. She's most interested in how people choose between equally important needs.

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CDC Guidance on Safer Conception: Families Talk Back

What it didn't make clear is that either effective treatment for the partner living with HIV or pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for the negative partner is sufficient on its own to prevent transmission during baby making.

And HIV-affected families have noticed....

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Press Ban at National PrEP Summit Was a Bad Idea for HIV Community

Banning press is not just counterproductive to HIV efforts. It's also deeply troubling morally, ethically and politically. Especially as we enter a "post-truth" political environment in which leaders use accusations of "fake news" to avoid answering questions, organizations cannot be permitted to decide what can be quoted and what cannot.

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HIV Undetectable Does Equal Uninfectious: The Swiss Statement and the Vindication of Pietro Vernazza - TheBody.com

This is the story of how the Swiss Statement went from policy pariah to documented fact. And it is the story of the vindication of Pietro Vernazza.


PrEP Prevents HIV -- So Where are the Prescriptions for Women, Sex Workers and Drug Users?

"It's been a very interesting thing with PrEP," said Leah Adams, a postdoctoral fellow at the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle and lead author of the "AIDS Care" survey. "In some ways I think we've returned back to the idea that this is something for men who have sex with men."


If Half a Billion Dollars for HIV Services and Treatment Disappears, Who Pays the Price? - TheBody.com

The 340B drug program was meant to provide an income stream to cash-strapped HIV agencies and state AIDS Drug Assistance Programs. But proposed changes to the program could drastically change how those programs help people with HIV.


The Birth of PrEP Denialism - TheBody.com

"One specific person on Grindr told me that 'we should not be putting these meds' into our bodies because big pharma was taking advantage of us and poisoning us," said Olivares, who lives in Rialto, California. "The same person suggested that I would be better off taking a multivitamin to stay negative."

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HIV and the Recession: Living Well in Tough Times - TheBody.com

HIV and the Recession: Living Well in Tough Times -...


Congress May Eliminate Specific Care Funding for Women With HIV ...

As legislators consider a proposal to fold Part D into Part C (which is expected to eliminate women-only clinics and end grants to community-based organizations), clinicians, advocates, researchers and women with the virus warn that the system's ability to begin to address trauma is at stake.

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Get a Little Closer: Sex, Intimacy and HIV

One day last fall, Poppy Morgan* was sitting on a hard wooden bench in a San Francisco City Hall meeting room next to researcher Bob Grant, the chief investigator of the iPrEx study (an HIV prevention study) and a researcher at UC San Francisco’s Gladstone Institutes. Morgan wanted to know: Could she see a molecular photo of her husband’s blood next to her own? She wanted visual evidence of this virus that looms so large in her relationship, and how his HIV-infected blood is different from her own HIV-uninfected blood.

Grant’s answer was that, though HIV looms large in the imagination, there’s nothing to see. That’s because Morgan’s husband's HIV treatment is so effective that one would not be able to find any virus in his blood without concentrating it many times over. That’s what it means when people say their viral load is undetectable.

And that’s what it means for HIV to stop coming between couples. There are three primary advances that are making it easier for HIV-discordant couples -- like Kingston and Flores or Poppy and Ted Morgan* -- to be close, and all are encapsulated, literally, in a few small pills.

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Intimacy Across HIV: A Slideshow

Today, we have the science on HIV and prevention to drop the fear of infection, and to love out loud. New treatment options and more choices for effective HIV prevention are bringing partners together -- forging stronger ties, deepening intimacy and, yes, helping sex feel better, too.

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New York City's New HIV Awareness Campaign Shows Intimacy in ...

"These are normal-looking people," said Corazon of the ads. "It's a huge step in the right direction."