Heather Boerner

Heather Boerner

Journalist and Author

Heather Boerner is an award-winning journalist who specializes in storytelling on healthcare issues. She's most interested in how people choose between equally important needs.

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Multi-Status Families Brace For Health Care Reform

[PRINT, RADIO, VIDEO]: When the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, millions of new patients will have access to health care. But the law deliberately excludes undocumented immigrants -- estimated to be about 11 million people nationwide. This puts families like Norma Navarro's in a tough spot. She's charged with making sure her children get equal care, even when the government treats her son, who's a citizen, far better than her daughter, who came here at 6 months without papers.

This piece was done as part of a fellowship from The California Endowment/USC Annenberg School of Journalism.